The Power of Business Promotional Products

The Power of Business Promotional Products

Business promotional products can be a good way of promoting your business. However, they represent the traditional way of marketing and in this age of the Internet, they may not prove to be quite as effective as a well-thought out tweet. The right SEO strategy can pay greater dividends.

Use in a variety of apps and contexts

Business promotional products are there to be used in many different applications and contexts. Mostly, they are used to make your brand more popular for a B2C company. All you need is to mass distribute your promotional product and in this way your brand will be seen and remembered by a large number of people.

It is also possible to use business promotional products in a B2B environment where you can make use of corporate gifts to make your brand easier to remember among your target demographic. You can give away these products for free or you can give them as a reward and token thank-you item.

In spite of the advent of the Internet, business promotional products remain relevant today.

People tend to remember business promotional products better

About eighty-five percent of people seem to remember the name of the company that gifted them an item. Also, people are about two and a half times more likely to think of your brand and product in a positive way as compared to viewing the same item through a digital advertisement. Since online companies have now made it possible to print items in bulk, the popularity and relevance of business promotional items assumes greater importance. Here is a look at how some startups used business promotional products to increase their business.

New Relic

New Relic, in the year 2012, wanted more users to use their free trial offers in which you had to install a code on a server and then reset it. To thank people for this action, the company gave away free t-shirts. They ended up giving more than seventy-five thousand such t-shirts.


IFTTT or If This, Then That, also increased its business in its heydays by tapping into the craze for swag by offering branded products to make people more interested and to show off its resources. To improve on this move, the company even offered custom-designed argyle socks. The results were truly impressive.


Twitter has also made good use of business promotional products, especially in its initial years as a startup when it handed out promotional items to its employees to welcome them into the company. These gifts included bottles of wine and tote bags as well as t-shirts and a laptop sleeve as well as a writing notebook. The channel soon became a major outlet for Internet advertising.

The success of business promotional products can be attributed to the fact that these products have lasting power and that in turn is derived from their utility and durability. When you use a product that is useful, it won’t be discarded easily and if it is well-crafted, then it may last for many years.

Startups should use business promotional products to impress their demographic audience. Depending on the startup’s budget, they can use a good product and then sit back and enjoy the results. The power of such products is as good if not better than the power of digital ads.

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