Positioning Promotional Products

Positioning Promotional Products

Positioning Promotional Products: The Battle for Your Mind We often ask, “In this overcommunicated society, how can we better position Promotional Products in the minds of our clients?” With the tens of thousands of promotional products, how can we get our customers to clearly understand when a Promotional Product is the ideal choice and, when it is clearly not a good fit.

Perhaps we should begin with position statement of one of our major supplier named Garland who are known for producing world class writing instruments: “An American-made Garland pen is the most affordable fine-quality writing instrument available in the marketplace. This high-quality is supported by a generational guarantee that assures smooth, trouble -free writing for generations.

When used as an advertising vehicle, elegant Garland pens have the lowest cost per advertising impression in the industry.” When advertisers are looking to present a gift that says “thank you”, “welcome”, “congratulations” or, when an advertiser wishes to entice prospects to become clients or encourage additional sales from existing clients; nothing expresses their sincerity better than a Garland pen.

A fine quality, long-lasting Garland gift pen reflects positively on the gift-giver’s brand. And most importantly, customer’s name and logo will continue to promote their business…not for months or years; but for generations. But not all promotional products are created equal. Some are hits—and others are misses. Without a clear plan and an understanding of how promotional products integrate into your marketing program, you risk wasting a sizable chunk of your marketing budget. And the dumpster behind your building is not a prospect or customer.

While selecting a promotional product one should ensure that it would be a right fit for their target audience and serve their purpose well. It is equally important to have company’s contact information, logo or a tag line to help your cause especially if you’re trying to attract new prospects, giving something without getting something in return is doing it wrong.  If you have any questions regarding what promotional products best fits your need, please do let us know. We at Digitized Logos love to hear from you. Find out why we are known as A “FEEL GOOD” Promotional Items Company @ www.DigitizedLogos.com. Or, alternatively, we may be reached at info@DigitizedLogos.com or (301) 963-3553. FEEL GOOD!

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