9 Eco-Friendly Promotional Products For Corporates

9 Eco-Friendly Promotional Products For Corporates

It’s estimated that only 9 percent of all plastic ever made has recycled between 1950 and 2015. Thousands of marine animals are affected by tons of plastic pollution.

Being eco-friendly has become a trend as people are getting to know about resource conservation. Show your commitment to the global environment by endorsing promotional giveaway products made from sustainable materials like timber, bamboo, or natural fibers.

Live by example and demonstrate how your company can give back to society with both integrity and environment in mind. We have nine suggestions for companies adhering corporate social responsibility practices:

Eco-Inspired Spiral Notebook

Notebooks are always one of the most useful giveaways. It offers ample space to promote your brand. Eco inspired spiral notebook is a revolutionary product produced from calcium carbonate powder.

The pages of this notebook are 100% insect-resistant, tear-resistant, grease-resistant, water-resistant, and tree-free.

Print your company’s logo on the cardboard cover and at the bottom of every page. Most of the eco-inspired spiral notebooks come with an elastic pen loop that holds a paper barrel ballpoint pen.

Reusable Metal Straw With Cleaning Tool & Matching Case

A reusable metal straw will encourage recipients to reduce single-use plastic waste. You can adjust the length of this environment-friendly straw according to your convenience.

  • Matching carrying case helps to keep the straw handy
  • Metal brush to clean
  • Rubber tip makes it easy to take a sip; available in multi colors. Choose the one which resembles your company’s logo.

Jute Tote Bag

With numerous people attempting continuously to reduce waste, reusable shopping bags proceed to arise in popularity as among the most useful promotional products.

Such tote bags are made from 100 percent jute which is a natural vegetable fiber. The tote bag offers sufficient space to print the logo or name of your company.

Stainless Steel Bottles

A stainless steel bottle is 100% BPA-free and doesn’t contain harmful chemicals found in plastic bottles. In fact, they are a perfect alternative to plastic bottles. Thus having a steel bottle is a reliable and sustainable way to consume your refreshing beverages.

They are easy to wash, and regular washing eliminates germs that grow after several usages unlike in plastic bottles.

Why Choose Stainless Steel Over Plastic?

  • High-Quality food-grade steel lasts forever
  • The electropolished interior discourages foul smell or odors
  • Steel does not react with your drinks
  • Steel is one of the most recycled materials on earth

Wooden Sunglasses

There are several ways to look good and eliminate plastic from your daily life. Promote your company’s name or logo with a stylish pair of wooden sunglasses.

These handcrafted wooden sunglasses are made from sustainable materials, including repurposed skateboard decks, cotton-based acetate, and FSC-certified wood.

Wooden sunglasses are durable and resistant to corrosion, water, heat, and pollution. These lightweight sunglasses provide excellent comfort around your nose and ear for long day wear.

Eco-Kitchen Items

Personalized kitchen giveaways are daily use items to keep your brand recognizable. Eco-friendly kitchen items include customized kitchen equipment, bag clips, bamboo kitchen utensils, cutting boards, recycled rubber jar openers, storage bins, and more.

Kitchen items are one of the best eco-friendly promotional products for retail stores, employee appreciation gifts, corporate gifts, and executive gifts.

Recycled Toilet Tissues

Recycled toilet paper is made from 100% sugarcane, bamboo, or recycled paper fibers. Using a recycled product helps to reduce carbon emissions, keep our water clean, preserve trees, protect habitat, and save energy.

Features Of Recycled Toilet Tissues Include –

  • Sustainable, fast renewable and biodegradable
  • Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and odor resistant
  • 3 Ply soft, super absorbent, and skin-friendly
  • 31% lower emissions compared to regular tissue
  • Free from B.P.A, de-inking agents, chlorine, fragrance, and formaldehyde
  • Hypoallergenic, perfect for sensitive skin type

Phone Cases

In today’s digital world, an eco-friendly phone case is the best way to promote your brand. There are more mobiles than people on earth. That’s a tremendous amount of plastic mobile accessories being consumed and disposed of at an alarming rate.

Take a stand to displace plastic waste and pollution with 100% biodegradable iPhone and Android phone cases.


Manufacturers are recycling plastic waster to produce clothes.

Plastic bottles, straws, packaging, etc. are collected, cleaned, sorted, and crushed into tiny flakes and blended with cotton fiber to create durable and robust polyester fiber material.


Minimize the carbon footprint of your company with eco-friendly promotional products and giveaways.

Think about the needs of the planet and your clients. Environment-friendly products not just promote your brand but inspire other people to pursue sustainable practices in daily routine!

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